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Teaching: Testimonials from Students

"This class became like a family to me and I get so excited to come to class. Each assignment or project outside our meetings truly helped further what we went over in class and helped teach a lot” (Anonymous John Carroll University Student Evaluation, Fall 2020)

Previous & Ongoing Research

My research is on stories in digital spaces. This includes frame analysis based on digital content analysis; UX-research for user-centered digital tools and experiences’ design; the dialogue of digital media, culture, and religious communications; and the role of aesthetics in digital design and engagements. My creative works follow digital storytelling and human-centered methodologies.

Services to the Profession and the Community

I'm passionate about giving back to the community and promoting a better world. To lead is to serve. I strive to use my professional skills to the benefit of those in need, while also helping to champion educational opportunities for those who are underprivileged. By doing so, I hope to foster positive change and provide an opportunity for growth and progress.

Charities I support

Sponsoring the less priviledged in the poorest parts of the world is a passionate interest. So also providing food and water to the hungry and housing for those living on the streets. I founded a non-profit organization, Gratia Vobis Ministries , to live and share Christ's love not only by words, but through acts of giving. For me, the poor don't deserve leftovers; they deserve our best.