Research Advancing the Field of Digital Media Design, Production, and Media Aesthetics

Emelu, M. N. (2022, in review). Stories of Competing Ideologies: how the U.S. Cable News Networks Frame Mass Shooting News. Journalism Practice.

This study uses ANTMA frame analysis to examine the coverage of the 2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas, mass shooting by three U.S. cable television networks—CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC across their Twitter, YouTube, and websites, for the first seven days following the shooting. It analyzed 312 news reports. The findings raise questions that are relevant to news stories report, policy, and cultural awareness as the world becomes more global.

Emelu, M. N. (2022, in Review by a Peer-Reviewed Journal). Meta and religion: a media ritual theory critical discourse.

This theoretical research responds to whether there is compelling evidence that Meta is a ritual platform. It answers in the affirmative, identifying and critically examining what might be classified as the platform's ritual elements and power using communication ritual theory. It is a fresh perspective on the social media platforms’ power dynamics in the ritual theory of media communication.

Emelu, M. N. (2021, September 4). Creativity and innovation: where to draw the line

The concept of creativity and innovation often get confused, leading to a misunderstanding of the subtle distinction between the two. By exploring their nuances, this article provides clarity on why it is important to recognize the subtle but meaningful differences between creativity and innovation while emphasizing that they are still related in some sense.

Emelu, M. N. (2019). New media and evangelization: a christocentric theological aesthetics and media aesthetics approach of engagement. [Doctoral dissertation]. Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom.

This doctoral research thoroughly identities, examines, and demonstrates the ground on which new media or digital technologies can be engaged for religious communication. It establishes a framework as well as a methodology through which the production, creation, and design of digital ecosystem for faith interactions could be effectively achieved. The principles laid out in this work has inspired two tech development works that are underway.

Research Advancing Digital Storytelling

Emelu, M. N. (in progress). Drums of Africa: The Untold Stories of a People

Researching, scripting, and producing a 10-part documentary on Drums of Africa: The Untold Stories of a People, starring Dr. John Kani (intent received), the father of the award-winning Black Panther, et al, plus prominent scholars on the subject area. Leading a team of at least 200 production crew and talents across America, Europe, and Africa. Expected completion of the project is projected to 2025.

Research Advancing Church & Religious Communication

Emelu, M. N. (2021). An encounter: A daily discovery in divine word (Vol. 3). Pauline Publications & Bien.

In volume three of his seven-volume daily meditative series titled An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word, the Reverend Dr. Maurice Nkem Emelu provides daily reflections and Bible verses to accompany Easter, Years A, B, & C. Often conveying a tone of celebration and Easter joy, these daily reflections on the season of Easter lead readers beyond a mere encounter with Christ to a more profound spiritual experience in which to begin leading the life of Christ with delight. Towards the end of this volume, a Pentecost novena guide focuses primarily on the traditional gifts of the Holy Spirit as a substitute for the reflections with the intent of helping individuals and groups engage more effectively during the Pentecost novena period.

Emelu, M. N. (2020). Understanding the influence of the socio-cultural world on the formation of priests and future priests. In C. Ajawara, C. & A. Osuji (Eds.), Called, formed, and sent: On priestly formation and mission in context (pp. 101-118). Iykememo.

An intelligent and realistic examination of the influence of today’s social and cultural world on the formation of priests is a critical aspect of priestly training. It is a project that this paper engages. The concern is not merely to raise the socio-cultural world’s problematics regarding the clergy’s formation. The goal is to turn the socio-cultural world’s probable influences in their head and offer a witnessing dimension that could help take advantage of the current context and inspire the clergy to a more passionate belief in their primary mission of being human witnesses to the Gospel.

Emelu, M. N. (2017). Our journey to God: Exploring the power of faith from Abraham to you. EWTN Publishing & Sophia Institute Press.

A systematic theological study of the nature of faith from the first stages to maturity. Drawing on his West African roots, scholarship in church communication as well as his many years of pastoral ministry, the Reverend Dr. Emelu combines the story-telling culture of Africa with a Western worldview to offer a unique perspective on the nature of faith and what it means to grow closer to the Lord.

Emelu, M. N. (2014). Word for a wounded world (Vol. I). N-Trinity Press.

Word For A Wounded World (Volume One) offers a comprehensive look into the difficult and often painful process of healing the wounds we carry. Written by Maurice Nkem Emelu, this book examines the sources of our wounds and offers guidance for how to heal and reconcile with our past. Through his real life experiences and interactions with numerous wounded people, Emelu provides insight into why we are wounded, as well as actionable steps that can be taken to restore peace and wholeness in our lives. From exploring the effects of physical and emotional trauma on an individual level to discussing how larger issues such as racism, sexism, poverty, and war shape us collectively, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to heal their own wounds or find ways to support others in their journey towards healing.

Emelu, M. N. (2009). Scaling the heights: if anybody can, you can. N-Trinity Press.

Are you looking for ways to make the most out of your life and live it with purpose? SCALING THE HEIGHTS is just what you need! This Christian-based book provides readers with tools to identify their limitations and overcome them, allowing them to reach greater heights in life. It is full of useful advice on how to grow spiritually, as well as practical tips to help readers build a better future. Written in simple language, SCALING THE HEIGHTS provides an enriching experience that gives readers confidence and courage to take charge of their lives. It highlights some key leadership and motivation ideas that transform lives.

Emelu, M. N. (Manuscript under review). Seven principles of discernment

The Reverend Dr. Maurice Emelu's Seven Principles of Discernment is a book that provides readers with clear guidance on how to use wisdom and discernment to make better decisions. This inspiring book is perfect for individuals seeking to become more mindful of their choices and live with greater clarity, insight, and understanding. Through the Reverend Dr. Emelu's seven principles, readers will gain invaluable insight into the process of making responsible lifestyle choices. With richly detailed descriptions and insightful examples drawn from his decades of experience in ministry and professional world, this book offers an accessible guide for anyone wishing to bring mindful intention into every aspect of their lives.

Others: Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, & Other Research not Specific to the Three Main Focus Areas

Emelu, M. N. (September 1, 2022). Everything in its Place, Orderliness. Reflections. Gratia Vobis Ministries.

This article examines the concept of orderliness and how it can transform our lives for the better. It offers practical tips on how to create an organized home environment, with organizing principles such as having a place for everything, and keeping everything in its place. It also explores the idea of bringing orderliness into our hearts, so that we become more mindful and intentional with our thoughts and feelings. Finally, it considers how embracing orderliness can bring peace and clarity to everyday life.

Emelu, M. N. (October 25, 2020). My take on the #ENDSARS protest. [Op-Ed]. Vanguard

It argues that rather than perform one of its fundamental leadership roles of alleviating problems, the Nigerian government muddies the waters to create more dysphoria of lawlessness and the terrorism of exploitation. The Nigerian government’s indifference in the face of tumultuous insecurity is as heinous as its corruption. It’s unacceptable.

Emelu, M. N. (October 16, 2021). Service endures, leading to greatness. [Blog].

This article delves into the inspiring power of service and its journey to greatness. By drawing on Herman Hesse's Journey to the East, it emphasises that greatness is a result of something—service—which requires numerous sacrifices made for others. It is not something that can be bought but rather, it is a life lived for others. Enemies of greatness are considered to be self-absorption and this article further explains this concept in greater detail, providing an insightful view on how service endures and leads to greatness.

Emelu, M. N. (October 1, 2021). A girl that changed my life: way of love. Reflections. Gratia Vobis Ministries.

As a boy of fourteen years old, the life of one girl moved mine more than any other—showing me the way of love. The girl is Thérèse, from the little city of Lisieux in Calvados, France. She is popularly known as the Little Flower, Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus. To her, I owe an early exposure to what it means to take love as one’s primary vocation. And to her, I dedicate today’s daily reflection as we celebrate her Feast Day (October 1); providing you—my reader—an example to consider.

Emelu, M. N. (October 13, 2020). Look beyond the letters. [Blog].

This article examines the idea of looking beyond the letter of the law to gain a more nuanced understanding and appreciation for the spirit of the law. It strives to provide an insight into why it is important to focus on the underlying values and principles that act as guides for our behaviour rather than just following a set of rules for rules' sake.

Emelu, M. N. (July 14, 2021). Profound beauty—Kateri. [Blog].

This article focuses on Kateri Tekakwitha, a young native Indian of the Mohawk tribe who is popularly referred to as the 'Lily of the Mohawks'. It explores how her inspiring example can offer us insight into embracing our own unique beauty and building our self-confidence. It looks at her life, her legacy and her impact on generations of Americans who are connected to her through their indigenous roots. It also considers how she serves as a reminder for us all to recognize and embrace authentic beauty and positive self-image in ourselves and in others.